Possible Epic Strike Event 03-04 Nov2018

As per data miners on Facebook, this week’s Epic strike event seems to be level 30 Rajakylosaurus!

For Sunday:

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Oh sweet, my lvl 3 account can beat it. Let me just get a bleeder…


Is that the “boss” event?

Makes sense, it is in the code already, as Metahub posted a few weeks ago their datamine. Only him and level 30 Monometrodon haven’t showed up yet. Keen for an easier one after last week, Tryo will get a tasty snack if true.

Is this rajakylo ?
I can’t translate this too well :joy:


Spinotasuchus, here we go.

Will it be on its own though?

According to that datamine yes, and that datamine has been correct on everyone so far.

It is, you can tell from the moveset and stats.

Yep, that’s what I figured. I don’t have one myself but the stats/moves looked familiar. Thnx for the confirmation

I hope it’s ok that I post this.

Then why would this be a tier 6 difficulty, when indoraptor+alankylo was only 4?

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This might be a job for Megaloman!

What? Indo+Alan was tier 6 master level as well.

They are just classifying all Lvl 30 event as Master difficulty.

I await the day when they have a level 30 Monomimus epic strike event


I think that’d be awesome/crazy hard!!

Surely it’ll be easier than the last one…

The last one was actually a lot better than I anticipated!

(Remember me losing that first indo strike tower a couple months ago! :joy:)

I completely misremembered the date and missed out on that strike event altogether :rofl: