Possible Error Battle Stegoceratops Vs Indoraptor

I think there is an error in the calculation of priorities in the battles between Stegoceratops and Indoraptor. The sequence is the following:

Turn 1:
Indoraptor: Cleasing Impact
Stegoceratops: Slowing Impact Reduces speed 3 turns

Turn 2 (1 turn reduction speed):
Indoraptor comes forward with “Evasive Stand”
Stegoceratops stuns with “Greater Stuning Impact” (Indoraptor loses turn 3)
The “Stunning” has occurred because the signal appears above the head of the Indoraptor.

Turn 3 (2 turn reduction speed)
Stegoceratops stuns with “Stuning Impact” (indoraptor loses turn 4)
The “Stunning” has occurred because the signal appears above the head of the Indoraptor.

Turn 4 (3 turn reduction speed)

In theory should hit Stegoceratops but it always hits Indoraptor.

I think this not only happens with Indoraptor but with any creature faster than Stegoceratops

Is it a mistake or am I wrong?

You answered your own question. You’re expecting a 3 turn slow to still slow on turn 4. It ends on turn 4. The first turn you used it was the first turn it slowed.

Hello Zendrexin,

I do not share your opinion.

If I hit turn one, the three turns are 2, 3 and 4.
In the same way, if they are two turns, they are the 2 and the 3 turns.
If it is a turn, it is the 2 turn. With your reasoning, when the speed of the opponent is modified with stroke 1, that would only apply on turn 1 and, therefore, it would never reduce and would not serve at all.

It’s not an opinion, it’s how the game works. When you use a skill, that is turn one. Faster or slower than your opponent does not matter. It’s still turn 1 when you use it.

I’m sorry but it’s not like you say or, better said, it should not be like that.

When a Stegodeus uses Superiority Strike (speed reduction one turn) on turn 1 when is speed reduction executed? Answer: On turn 2

true or not?

Therefore, if Stegoceratops reduces the speed 3 turns should be turns 2, 3 and 4.

If the system reduces the speed only in turns 2 and 3, it should say that the reduction is two shifts and not three shifts.

For me the subject is very clear.