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Possible error in the Loyalty Packs

@Keith could you please check to see if this is a error I noticed the 35000 LP is extremely lower in resources than the 20000 LP here are some pictures thanks for any help you can give

I think it depends on the kind of the package and not the price.
The packages where you can buy a special dino, 20k and 50k, give you more rewards than the packages where you do not know what creature you get. I suppose they do this on purpose.

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You can unlock the T Rex Gen 2 today,in the Gen 2 fury,which means it will be available for purchase in the market,wish I was level 65+

Hello Lora_Green, thank you for sharing this. The 35,000 loyalty pack offers a higher possibility of getting a better dino. Regarding the resources offered on both packs, I will bring this up with the team. :slight_smile: