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Possible fluffy dracorat aspect

It’ll probably look worse. I thought carnotarkus would look amazing, same for Grylenken and smilo hybirds, but then they turned out not so amazing.


Look like tree

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I really want to know how they’ll handle feathers on a frill, since it looks like it’ll have some.

It’ll probably get the nickname Christmas Tree if it’s green. Though Ludia will probably turn it some boring color…


Looks more like it’s all fuzz. I predict it’ll lag for a while.

Well, at least it’s fluffy. I’ll add it to my team to make up for Kapro’s lack of swap in, and for Gemini no longer having instant distract.

Bruh Carnotarkus is cute

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Cute but not the cool monster it seemed to be by the silhouette. Compare Purutaurus to it, which one looks more dangerous?

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The cow. 10


To me it looks quite huggable actually.

I like it too

I guess it takes the sewer rat thing up to 11. Though the color makes it look like a canary. So I’ll name mine Canary.

Looks like the dinosaurian version of the grinch… actually, that’s gonna be my new nickname for it, grinch.


Move aside, Erlikogamma. This is the real grinch


I shall call it Chernobyl. Stiff Chernobyl

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Oh wow that’s fast

Why wasn’t he banned

Someone said Gaming Beaver showed that photo but I didn’t see it in his vid.

Ya I could not find it too