Possible GPS fix for some users


I have been having the same issue as a few others that posted with the GPS not tracking properly and “bouncing” around seemingly at random. After trying all of the suggested fixes (rebooting phone, restarting GPS, reinstalling game) I had no luck. I then messed with the GPS settings and set it to phone only and suddenly its tracking properly. I am on an S8+, instructions to do that are: settings > connections > location > locating method - select phone only.

My phone was previously set to High accuracy and I noticed that when it jumped around it would show me as being at the location of the router or other wireless signals around, before it would jump to the next one. I have had no issues today using “Phone only location tracking”. Hopefully switching that will work for some users as well as it has worked for me!


I learned from playing Pokemon Go to turn Wireless off when I leave the house. Then the GPS works properly. There may be times when you want the High Accuracy that uses both Wireless and Phone, so turning off Wireless should give you the desired results without having to permanently change that setting. Just remember to turn it back on when you’re done playing! :smiley:


I did try that as well, but unfortunately turning off wireless did nothing to help my GPS issues.


Interesting! Good to know, thanks!


For the first month or so, my GPS was just fine, then all of a sudden the last week I started having really bad GPS issues where it wouldn’t keep up with where I actually was and it made the game unplayable. I cleared the cache for the game (NOT the game data, just the cache) and then wen to the battery saver and turned it from automatic to turned off. It’s working fine now, and it’s my feeling that it was clearing the the cache that fixed it for be, because the battery saver settings had never changed, but the game cache would might have become corrupted somehow.

So another thing to try if you have problems with GPS is to close the game, clear the cache, reboot your phone, and try loading the game again.