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Possible hybrid for future update

possible hybrid for a possible upgrade he eremocurus

stats at level 26
life: 4400
attack: 1100
speed: 107
shielding: 35%
critical: 5%

impact resistant
resistant devastation
group taunting shields

the drawing is mine so you know.


That’s so good! All that detail is incredible :hushed:
Stat wise, I’d say it’s good, being an epic hybrid.
Moves, I’d also say they’re good.


This seems like an interesting idea. An armored sloth, I like it. The stats are pretty good, and this can help in raids with its Group Taunting Shields. The one thing I would change is resistant impact to cunning impact. That way its more of a mix of cunning and resistant, rather than resistant with a bit of cunning. I love that artwork. How long did it take to make such a good drawing?

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took literally 2 hours

Well I congratulate you on it. Looks so good. Need to see it in game

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how do you make it…eremotherium+ what

eremotherium + doedicurus

I made a Lego build of it…sorry if it is sideways