Possible Idea for Parasauthops Moveset and stats

thought this could be a possible idea for Parasauthops and this is my first post so hey i guess


This thing is unbalance itself even in just 5 move…

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in what way, I would like to hear some personal criticism about it

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  • Acrocanthops is make from Arctops, a Cunning, Revenger and Distractor, which i don’t see that feature on this Parasaurothops.
  • Armor Piercing Impact? What a weak move for a hybrid of 2 Legendary which should even Stronger than other Unique! Revenge Fierce Impact would be a better choice :+1:
  • while Armor Piercing Impact is too weak, Definite Rampage is too powerful for 1550 basic damage pf this hybrid, i suggest Revenge Resilient Rampage! At least you can’t break shield and remove dodge at the same time.
  • Group Cleansing Strike should change to something a bit more powerful like Cleansing Daring Strike.

hmm these are some good points, i will modify it and see if i can improve on it with some of the tips you have given

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Your thoughts on this change?


Looks better!

Having it as a Wildcard would make more sense then just a Fierce-Resilient (or a Heavy as some info from beta testing has revealed) since it has ancestry from all three pure classes.

New features?

Reworked features more like. I think they’re streamline two-class creatures.

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Tbh its still a bit weak for 2 legendarys

I’d also just upgrade one of the Impacts to a Rampage. There’s no point in having two Revenge moves, while having one Revenge and one Rampage effectively means back to back Rampages on the first turn it’s brought in when the Revenge mechanic is active.

I’d also remove the Cleanse Distraction on the counter, as that’s effectively the same as giving it 100% Resistance to Distraction.


not necessarily, it is affected by distracting moves that don’t do direct damage like instant distraction and alert nullification etc, so it does its job of keeping cunning creatures at bay.

I think you should give it atleast a rampage, a bit more distraction resistance, a bit of more attack and health

Superior Vulnerability already more than suffices for cleansing Instant Distraction and similar moves though, so that already makes the counter redundant in that regard anyway.

The point is why make a topic just for only one custom hybrid???


(complete sentence)

Because why not post this in somewhere like "Our Custom Creatures "?

It in datamine that why

Most like it come in 2.11

If it’s actually datamine, why you guy can still discuss about it here?