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Possible ingredients for these 2x green flyers


We already know that darwin, dsunga, hetz, etc are among the ingredients in 1.6 soon, from metahub. But that info alone is not enough for us to decipher the mystery code in these 2x green dragons showcase.

What are the other possible ingredients for these? And why? Discuss…



Alanky/stygi g2

Is what i reckon!


my guesses

dimorph + dimodactylus or monomimus for the one on the left.

stygi gen2 + alanky for the other.

not sure where hetz fits in.

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your reasoning for stygi? because of the head image on that second pic? yea… possible


The First is dimodactylus + ramphorynchus (a new creature), the second is alankylo + stygi g2 or the new legendary flyer (hatzegopteryx + darwin) + stygi g2.


1st : dimodactylus + darwin +(suchumimus+dsungaripterus hybrid ) maybe
2nd : birdamon i think

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Alankylosaurus, at level 21 from lots of hard work doing daily missions to get the Alanqa component, is a total failure in the higher estate levels and in the Aviary where there are lots of Uniques that have DSI/DSR and or Fast Stun attacks to eliminate Alankylosaurus before it can get even one 2x rampage strike off. So it really needs an upgrade to be competitive at the higher level arenas.


What ever they are, they’re probably with a flying type people have very little dna for.

I hardly ever see any of the rare birds in the wild.


I think the one on the left is Darwin/Dimorph/Dsunga
One on the right is Hatze/Alanky/Stygi G2


I was thinking exactly the same (dimodact+darwin, alanky+stigyg2) however im not sure about the second one

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This may be an unpopular opinion, but the green flyer on far left with the tail, may suggests dimorphodon is its back-to-back ingredients?


Finally we already have the answersss…:sweat_smile:
Happy hunting in next new update.
((sad… ludia make both require darwin. facepalm…))

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