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Possible King Kong Expansion?

Vastatosaurus Rex
King Kong
I made these concepts just for fun, I doubt they would be able to add King Kong creatures to the game just for legal reasons but it’s a fun thought! I’d like to hear you guys out for your ideas of skull island critters put in the game!

Considering that this game is about the Jurassic world universe I definitely wouldn’t like to see this, cos it kinda waters down some aspects of the game and its world


yeah true, but it’s still a fun thought

We could have Gigantopithicus or something in the game as JW’s own King Kong


That could most definitely work


And then have a campaign level with a giant giganthophiticus that requires apexes to fight it to refrence a certain Legendary movie that released this year…

But would love to have the giant ape in game, then I could call it louie

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Yeah, I wouldn’t even mind if they reused the Sloth animations for Gigantopithicus (it fits very well anyway!)

Having that giant ape in the game would be awesome! :gorilla:


Yeah that would work, I’d prefer new animations for it, I think I’d be a bit upset about it if it did use sloth, but i wouldn’t be too upset about it