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Possible New Alliance

After being turned down by many alliances I’ve decided to try to build my own. I want it to have access to high level sancs, but still be super lax in terms of requirements. Sounds hard, but I think I got it cracked.

I’ll need about 8 people who are on the same discord (I don’t use discord and probably never will but I’ll communicate here). They will work as the sanc runners and will get us the big sancs started.

My officers will be these people and have permission to kick people who violate the sanc rules. When you do kick someone, dm me here so I know why you did so.

I also want everyone to get the takedown bonus in the tournament.

My co’s will be 2/3 people who will assist me in recruiting and keeping the alliance in order.

Anyone who wishes to join can dm me here and I’ll make the list here. However, i need about 8 people on the same discord to be the people who will run the sancs. If you are interested, plz lmk here or thru dm and I will start working on this right away.

If your wondering, the takedown bonus is the only thing you absolutely HAVE to do here, but I want super active players

Sorry, but that’s gonna have to be a no for me dog