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Possible new hybrid ideas


Okay. So there are a lot of useless Dinos in the game, like erilikosaurus gen 2 and diplocaulus gen 2, so maybe we could make hybrids out of those so them people will want to hunt everything and have more achievements in game? Also, spawns like these are common in certain parts, and erilikosaurus gen 2 has a unique attack to only it, so it and diplocaulus gen 2 would be good hybrid material with the distractions. Any other hybrid ideas?


I totally agree diplocauluses gen 2 needs a hybrid.

It should be mixed with irritator.

Have fierce attack
Distracting rampage
Defense shattering rampage

Speed high 120s faster than Indo

Call it diplotator gen 2


There is no hybrid with a gen 2 at the back of it’s name