Possible or spoofer?

My last opponen with Level 14, but he/she has Diloranosaurus L20, Erlidominus L21, Diorajasaure L21 and Indoraptor L22.
Is this possible or he/she is a spoofer?

Is it out of the realm of possibility they are spoofing? Can’t say no with 100% certainty. But there’s also no reason to believe based on your screenshot that they weren’t intentionally in a lower arena until recently and are now playing their A-Team of dinos to get back up in rank before the tournament ends.

I think totally possible and mote whit multiples frrr strikr towers and morr whit money, i have ibdoraptor since lvl 10 when the game was harder whitout free stuf each day xd

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it’s my personal thought, but spoofing
can’t make this team in level 14.

spoofing is just ‘faking location’.

and without a good luck, that person can’t hunt
enough epics for those uniqe creatures.

but, ‘hacking’ can.

hacking this game guaranties mountains of
cash and coins to buy epic incubators
and make creatures.

well, that can be a cheater, but we still don’t
have any proof about it, right?

and soon, another ban wave will come
and it will wipe out cheaters in this game.

I think you didn’t take into consideration though that it could potentially be a whale that spent a large sum of money on incubators.

Okay, @FaceHugger, giving you benefit of the doubt…how did they play their team (serious, not sarcastic). Did they play like they knew what they were doing, knew their team, not just playing lazily? Or did they just seem to be button mashing and hoping for the best?

Not discounting that it may possibly be a cheater, but I also loathe to call someone out as one either without really having something to show that they are as well. Too many times in other games, esp shooters or MMO’s, you see someone getting called a cheater that is just very good at a particular thing/class/weapon/etc.

You can’t hack this game for cash or coins. That coding is held server side and you can’t change it. Sure if someone wants to hack into their mainframe they can, but when the fbi knocks on their door it won’t be with Xmas gifts in hand. :gift:

@etlic : my mistake, you’re right. It should be called a “cheater” not a spoofer.

@Cighal : the way he/she played, seks that they knew exactly their moves & how to use it with their legendary & unique dinos.

Perhaps I just surprised because at level 15 where I am now, I never met and fought a unique dinos such as Erlidominus or Diorajasaur :disappointed_relieved:.

That seems a little fishy to me honestly. I’m level 14 and don’t even have a unique yet.
I’m also a super casual player too, so that makes a difference.

So, personally, I think I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. While there’s the chance it may be something more than meets the eye, it really could just be someone climbing back up the ladder at tournaments end to get a prize.

@FaceHugger Yeah, I’ve yet to see those either…I’m not looking forward to facing them when I do finally start seeing them…lol. But look at the upside, you’ve already got that much more experience in dealing with them!

@Asta - I really don’t think level has any direct correlation to having a unique or not, esp depending on what you see on a regular basis and when you’re able to go dino hunting.

Actually level has everything to do with it. You gain experience every time you level up a dino, I’m pretty sure you get ALOT more when you level up a epic, legendary, unique compared to a common or rare, so… Even if they concentrated on only the dinos for these hybrids, they should at least be level 16 I’d think, or a high 15

Not really, even at level 13 the vast bulk of exp i earn comes from fusing rare hybrids… not to use but simply so i level up faster since i dont really use them, im only do in ng the fuses for exp… if i wasnt doing those fuses for exp… Id prolly still be level 10/11… leveling up my team doesnt really move the bar in a noticeable way.

See, it does for me. I’ve leveled up three dinos on my team at least twice each and its moved my bar a quarter to the next level.

Honestly, i have to try to level if that makes since…since ive hit level 13… ive leveled my stegodues twice, my indom once, leveled baryonyx, fuesed to creat tyro, fuesed tryo two more times, fuesed /created utahsino, leveled monolemetrodon twice, leveled mono, fuesed and created monomimus, leveled postmeti to 16, leveled allosaurus to 16, fuesed enough dna to level stegocera but i need coins. Plus any time i have dna that can be fused even if im not using that dino I do for the exp… im still only halfway to 14…

If I was not going out of my way to level to increase my dna per dart which ive done since i started id have a group of legendaries and be a level or two lower because ive leveled an dumb amount of commons to 15… and i mean… like most commons to 15 unless they had a hybrid then they stayed at the required level.