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Possible Remedies for the Light Fury Event


Through a series of communications in the past days, we have heard multiple times from Ludia that it is either not feasible or too risky to make any changes to the Light Fury event. To that end, I’d like to offer a few suggestions, and perhaps the development team can clarify why each or any of these would be too risky or infeasible to implement.

  1. Lower the trust point required for Light Fury. If it is already acknowledged that the level of difficulty of this event was either miscalculated or underestimated, or perhaps the expectation was not properly communicated to the players, wouldn’t it be a great simple fix if the trust point requirement of the Light Fury is lowered so that the game can still latch onto the wave of interest generated by the movie and at the same time compensate players for what they had to go through, and reward them for their effort? The trust point requirement can be lowered to for example 250, 300, or 400, so that more players will be motivated to invest a little more just so they can get it, instead of either simply giving up and not investing anything, or after investing a lot realize that they won’t be able to get it anyway. I don’t see how this would be too risky to the game as it is an isolated change to just this event, and the trust point requirement for future events could always be adjusted based on the reward (as they should).

  2. Improve Light Fury’s stats and moves to make it worth the effort. Again, the current stats and moves of Light Fury makes her not even a viable option for battling. it’s hp is about 20% lower than the average legendary dragon, same with defense. It’s overall bp rating is about 15-20% lower than the other legendaries, barely higher than the epics in fact. As a player I’d be much happier if I’m able to use Light Fury in a battle, as otherwise I won’t even be motivated to waste all the coins, dragon scales, and fish to train her up. It is supposed to be a five star legendary dragon, please make its stats reflective of such. If improving Light Fury’s stats to be on par with the other legendaries impose any risks to the game, I’d like to hear what the risks are.

  3. Refund runes invested in/during the event. This is based on the ground that players were misinformed and misled going into the event. No information was provided as to what will be involved in “successfully completing the challenge”. No information was provided as to how much manually resetting will cost and how the cost will increase, or if it is at all possible to acquire Light Fury during this event. The players were therefore left in the dark, and can only rely on continuous experimenting, which can be awfully costly and frustrating. This could be a little more difficult to implement, not because it is technically difficult or risky, but because it may touch Ludia’s bottom line. However, I would argue that by refunding these runes, Ludia will likely gain more by retaining players who have shown willingness to pay to play, instead of driving them away. The refund could include both cost of resetting the challenge as well as cost to purchase energy. If Ludia has the guts to admit the failure of the event, they could also outright refund all rune purchases made over the duration of the event to be generous. This will not pose any technical risks to the game, though Ludia might worry about the precedence it sets.

Following this train of thought, there could be many more ways to salvage the event. I truly believe that where there’s a will there’s a way, so I’m not sure exactly what’s lacking here, the “way” or the “will”.

On a side note, feel free to reply in this thread and post your trust point progress so far, maybe we can help come up with a more reasonable trust point threshold for acquiring Light Fury for battling.

Also feel free to post how you think the event can be improved, not only for future events, but this one as well.



I absolutely agree with the points you made.
With regards to your first point, as an average player I will manage to get a bit over 200 trust points before the event ends, so dropping the requirement to about 300-350 should be reasonable.


Thank you for the detailed and constructive feedback @Jing_Peng!


@Jing_Peng sorry I was late to this but it’s way past the light fury event and I only have 64 trust Points and I even made a post with ideas to help people get to the 1,000 goal or to lower the amount needed… my main idea was to make it to where you only needed like 500 or less trust Points but if you seen the movie the only “person” the light fury trusted was toothless so may if you get toothless you get like a +500 trust Points (if the light fury trust points stayed the same) so yeah I agree with you… at least a little bit