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Possible Super-hybrid for Suchotator?

Considering an Apex hybrid(a Rare), are we anticipating a super-hybrid outta her in the coming releases?

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Tanytator plz


I really hope so. I’ve got mine at a 23 with a bunch of DNA waiting to be fused.

Also, as her both fusing components carry a SIA, why Sucho left behind without any?
Hmmm, may be a small buff(SIA) to her seems a bit logical to me. Obviously we may loose some HP/attack, but SIA would boost her a bit.


There probably will be one at some point but I’m going for broke with mine with the help of Sand Dunes - got her to L26 and aiming for L30. Just love the move set and the fact most people forget she can nullify. The addition of an SIA would be great.

I’ve said elsewhere today that it is a crying shame so many creatures are left to wallow at the point they become ingredients - poor old L10 Nodosaurus; however L20 Pyrritator and Utasinoraptor are a real waste and I am starting to see some higher level ones crop up in the arena.

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Since she is slower, I would love to see an SIA so it might be easier to swap into her without having to take 2 hits. She already has a great kit with the bleed, nullify, and instant distract. A swap in strike would be nice as well. And help with her lower damage.


Level 23? Stats for it must be nice! I’ve focused on Suchotator and have gotten it to level 18.

Mine is currently 22 and has enough dna already to be 23. I’m just waiting for the 1.6 update to see if anything changes before hitting the button.

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She’s not bad

I won’t put her on the team until she can take down a lvl 21 indom. And that won’t happen until closer to 26. Waiting on the hybrid tbh.

I’m hovering around 4750 trophies and also have lvl 21 spinotasuchus so I haven’t found a way to get suchotator back on the team. I really do love her kit though.


And she gets better with age, much like me :slight_smile:


Do we really have any idea when the next update will be? I am about to bring mine to 25. I don’t think I will ever let this dino go.

Mine is 21 and I am happy with it for the moment. I can take down a level 20 Indominus. Looking forward to see if hybrid arrives before leveling her up. And I do not have Spinotasuchus, so she is the one to take care of my team’s bleeder’s place.

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I have a L23 Spinotasuchus on the team as well but its days are numbered … lining up Tenontorex as its replacement - L21 and needs a level more, maybe 2. Only really put it in as any tom, dick and harry was leading with it.

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I’m only at 2500 or so trophies, so my lvl 18 wreaks havoc. I only initially played this game collecting dna and leveling up. Started playing this game over another one, so that could change.

She was on my team for quite a while and really did me well in the lower arenas. I hope I can use her again in the future. And her ingredients are super easy to find so you should have no problem levelling her. Having the nullify move is a game changer IMO.

She isn’t in my lineup, but I keep her around for certain epic strike towers.

I went with spinotaS just because I also need a fast dino and that one fit the bill for the fast and bleed. I’m still playing with my team composition so I might put Sucho back in to see how she does. I just wasn’t getting her with a good support team when I drew her so she wasn’t effective.

I’m tempted to level her but want to hold off until the update. Her health and damage at 26 is exactly what I’m shooting for.

I mainly use mine for the strike towers where its speed gives it an advantage.

Win or lose in this update there will be another along soon enough - I’ve given up worrying about what maybe and just live in the moment. Although I did bench Draco G2 at L21 (could be L22) - just got bored with it plus it compromises the swap in moves of others in the team.