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Possible Super-hybrid for Suchotator?


I might put her back in to see how she does. Just don’t know who I would replace. The bleed and nullify is nice, but the damage isn’t great against the teams I am going against. Also the fusing is quite tedious.


My suchotator continues at level 15 (I should have left it at 10 but I used it at an epic event) despite having more than 90,000 of its two components and, therefore, the possibility that the Suchotator was level 25 or 26.

I bet for a unique teether in 1.6 but I doubt if the base will be suchotator, Darwin or Diymodactylus.


You don’t need to tell me about the fusing - I went from L21 to L26 over Christmas :crazy_face:


Hopefully something happens with it. The majority of this Irritator 2 dna came from incubators.




I considered leveling mine but I dont qant to spend hours getting 10 DNA fuses so no.


Just went up against a level 30! Bet he’ll regret buring all that DNA once a super comes out :laughing:


You can only store 200,000 common DNA and they burned through multiples of that to get it to 30. It takes 346,750 to get a common to 30, they had to fuse at 50 a pop getting on average 22.5 per fuse. I would think they play enough to not be worried about getting that much more for another hybrid. I would even think they may already have hit the 200k mark in storage again, just waiting on that hybrid.


I gotta say if my Monstegatos gets put down accidentally by another Dino in the arena and Suchotator was one of my arena team dino’s chosen to be used in combat I can’t argue with these stats. She’s grrrrreeaaatttt!!!


As long as these heavy chompers remain relevant, bleeder is always there to bleed them out. :grinning:


30 today. Just be prepared to click until your fingers hurt… and then keep clicking haha


I don’t think I’ll ever regret leveling her! She’s the most dependable dino on my team! And just about the only critter worth fusing in L4…


Loving the Suchotator loving … thought I was the only one … got 4000 waiting to fuse plus going hunting in her local today :heart_eyes:


I’m hoping a super hybrid of trago and stego :stuck_out_tongue: