Possible to have a new unique (antarctovenator) at level 29?


Is it even possible to have a level 29 antarctovenator? Already?!


If that is IDGT, he grinds antarctopelta in the sanctuary constantly


was there also an antarctovenator incubator at some point. i swear there was.


I don’t remember seeing one, but you could be right

Yeah. Impressive then!

Is it any good to play with?

Doesen’t seem to be somone from my alliance has it at 22 and put it on his team, his gonna say if it would be good in aviary at least

There have been several Pelta incubators, and he won the tournament that gave Pelta DNA as a prize as well. Seriously why is this the first thing people thing go to?


it be more surprising if the top teams didn’t have the newest uniques at or close to lv 30 by this point. i like to see you guys try them out and give your opinions of them.


Hey! I thought I was the only one! :kiss: @Idgt902. :blush:


Get a room! :stuck_out_tongue:


Because it has only been out for ~45 days.

Leveling up a unique to this level in this short time feels :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

45 days is a lifetime in JWA for people like IDGT and PK :smiley:


:roll_eyes: I mean you should know by now that those in top alliances grind their butts off to get to where they are. Pelta DNA is exclusive so it’s impossible to get it any other way than buying incs, winning tournaments with that as the prize, and fipping the heck out of it in sancs.

It wasn’t like they had it maxed out 2 weeks after it was released.


Is it any good? I’m quite curious

jokers voice , and here we go… again

It definitely needs more. Either more base attack or a damaging counter. 1500 base or a medium counter of some sort. Its kit is very good. And does fit into the current meta very well.


Yes, there was an incubator in the store that you could buy. I think it was 49.99

I’m curious to see if it gets buffed in the 2.4 update.

I love the thing it might not be really great at the moment but I’m hoping it’s buffed along with the other two most recent uniques turtle and the bird .

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all i feel it needs is a damaging counter attack.

If they want to add some damage (25% of base attack) to the nullify counter, I’m all for that. I don’t want it to lose the nullify counter though, that thing comes in handy.

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