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Possible to have a new unique (antarctovenator) at level 29?

Surprising they use it so high antartocavenator seems awfully weak to me when compared to other swappers ex. wooly rhino and quetz and draco

It’s weaker in stats due to it’s nullify counter. It’s based on always nullifying your opponents positive effects such as speed boost, shields, dodge, cloak, attack increase ect… so that your opponent is always reset back to base stats.

How the heck does it work. Just swap bomb into a DSR and then Impact for the kill?

Pretty much lol. It can also take on a monolorhino h2h and win. As well as grypo. But is usually left in swap in range itself. It takes on average 3 turns to take down rhino. It is mainly a cunning that cannot 2 turn the equivalent fierce. Which imo it should. That’s why I suggest 1500 base. With a damaging counter it could be a bit OP. Being able to counter too many things.

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it’ll be something i’ll want to try then. but it’ll be a long while. antarctopelta is only 17.

Maybe if it gets that damage no counter? Just spitballing here, as I think not having speed control means it’s output could be pretty high

Another one of those guys.

Those 2 have a few advantages over the average player.

  1. They actually dart very well.

  2. Their alliance has 4 lvl 20 sancs stocked with at least 5 Antarctopeltas

  3. They bought every single Antarctopelta incubator

  4. They the top 10 for.the recent Antarctopelta tourney

  5. Their alliance got tier 8 for the recent Antarctovenator Championship

  6. Me who has half their skill has a lvl 27 Antarctovenator.

I find it weird anyone would think they cheat since they are.pretty.much the masters of the game so darting Antarctopelta 9 times would yield at least 2700 DNA. Plus another 200+ Antarctovenator DNA.


I have met that bugger. Not fun to play against.


yes it is as a matter of fact, with all the dna for this particular dinosaur and your able to gather it from so many varied sources i am somewhat surprised its not at top level already ( LV30 ). in the top 5 alliances there are a few players that constantly grind away seeking this dinosaurs dna every single chance they get ( T.B.V.H. = to be very honest ) it will not be very long until we see a veritable horde of the new dinosaurs gathering all bunched together around the top of the alliance charts slaughtering dinos as quick as picking up a dinner plate

I don’t mean to say that.

I’m just curious how it was possible after so short time spawning (~45 days)

Considering that these guys hit T9, knocked out the darting, and have been FIP, ing it for over a month, I’m not surprised. They probably even had it before the Championship