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Possible to link accounts

I’ve seen it mentioned in comments to threads about other things, but I hope in a future update that we can link our progress to an account (google, etc.). As it is right now there’s the looming anxiety and threat that the app will stop being able to be opened because of a bug or something and being able to uninstall and reinstall the app could’ve been a potential fix. Yet we can’t do so right now because uninstalling the app means losing all progress.

Or we need to change devices for whatever reason then we’d be forced to restart in that instance too. I’m sure many players have chipped in a few dollars or much more than that and wouldn’t want to lose progress due to a bug or something out of their control.


Yeah I accidentally deleted mine while getting rid of some other apps and I used sooo much money :sob::sob::sob:

Yeah I’m anxious about that, but mostly of the app crashing to the point where I can’t play it and get the perpetual error message like some people have been getting since I can’t simply uninstall the app then reinstall it again.

Yes! I would feel much less anxious about playing if there was some kind of way to save progress/transfer data. My current phone is pretty old and I plan to get a new one very soon but having no idea on whether or not I’ll be able to save my data is not a fun time.

Hopefully there will be an addition to link progress to an account soon then so you won’t have to completely start over!

Concur , It should be linking account feature available , In case of changing device

Hi guys,

It would be extremely handy if you could add an option for us to save our Lovelink data with Google or Facebook. I love the app as it is, but I’m afraid I’ll lose all my progress someday!

Hope there’s a fix to this soon :slight_smile: