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Possible update for camp cretaceous season 3

Most of these creatures aren’t really confirmed yet. But they do have toys for the mattel camp cretaceous line wich is the biggest indicator of their appearance. So here are the most new creatures confirmed so far and have a chance of getting added or a gen 2

Monolophosaurus (gen 2)
Sarcosuchus (gen 2)
Plesiosaurus (gen 2)
Spinosaurus (gen 2)
Stegosaurus (gen 2)
Gallimimus (gen 2)
Dimorphodon ( gen 2)

Edit : there are already pictures for the toys out. If you haven’t heard of them you can search them in the internet. Also there is a leak about the mysterious dinosaur E750 being called scorpius rex but the leak is not officially confirmed yet

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There was the Hasbro Allosaurus toy in 2015, way before Fallen Kingdom — and also which looks nothing like the one in Fallen Kingdom. There was Allosaurus in the old Jurassic Park toylines as well.

Allosaurus was probably a bad example to give but surely during the years of Jurassic Park toyline they did not have Allosaurus in mind for something that releases in 2018? Toyline doesn’t really indicate if anything will definitely appear or not, but I would say best not to take toyline into account on what you might possibly see.

Ooh Cryolophosaurus

They released the battle at big Rock allosaurus though. But i don’t know why they didn’t made a juvinile allosaurus toy

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Yep. Gonna send a picture

I’m talking of the Hasbro Allosaurus, 2015 and during the JP toyline. By coincidence Allosaurus was in JWFK and subsequent toys but best not to rely on toyline for canon movie/series creatures.

Remember they also changed pachyrhinosaurus into sinoceratops


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