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Possible Upgrades to The Game

Ok. So the game has a LOT of restrictions I think can be remedied by features that allow more player coordination, rewarding results, and basic needs.

Idea 1
Chat and PM

I know not allowing pms between players outside their alliance helps avoids online creepers, but can we PLEASE have something close to it in raids? Trying to coordinate raids with people who you don’t know or can’t contact with makes winging it VERY difficult in the lobby section. Maybe just allow messages to be exchanged in the lobby so people can coordinate a bit more and strategize? Might make our lives easier to play raids with.

Idea 2
Marketplace and Trading

Look, dna is extremely difficult to acquire, and some Dinos just aren’t available to everyone. I’m not saying rule it out completely, but I am suggesting you make it a bit easier to access those outside your alliance to gain benefits. The donation idea was PERFECT, but being able to trade and sell with people on your friend list might make getting what you need to advance a bit easier to do.
Allow players to sell or trade items such as scents, sanctuary interactables, dna, etc. to other players they know so they have better access to people without alliances.
For the marketplace, make a daily thing where certain dinosaurs have their DNA up for sale and swap out regularly so people have the chance to buy dna that isn’t available to them. This could also help with the more event exclusive Dinos that aren’t being put out there as much or are sitting to the side.

Idea 3
Better Raid rewards

Look, beating a raid one time and getting the good stuff only one time isn’t working out. At that point, what’s the purpose of having more rewards to collect from raids if you already got what you came for? I believe that there should be more dna or other prizes involved. For example, if a T-Rex was beaten a second time, you could get maybe 2 extra dna each time you beat it after that first match, or maybe stop at that second match. Whatever you do, at least give more dna each time you beat a raid. If dna is too much to ask, at least 100 coins or 10 cash at the least for your efforts. Maybe a stat boost or two? Going through with pointless raids over and over again is rather boring, annoying, and a huge waste of time. Sure the DNA is nice, but could we squeeze in a little more?

Idea 4
More darts and cheap darts

Ten bucks for ten darts is way too expensive, and I would like to go back to 145 darts for 100 coins.
And only having 140 to use is no where near enough to last when dino hunting. Supply drops take forever to recharge and dinosaurs are quick to respawn. Can we raise the max amount of darts to 1000 so we can give the supply drops a chance to recharge?

Just a few ideas I had for this game. I’ll have more soon of course, but these are the major ones that I think could or should happen at the very least. I know it’s tough developing this, but you’ve proven to have the tools before.

Thank you for your consideration. :two_hearts:


Or, a aquatic update, where you get to change the map to land/standard or a aquatic map, and to get the aquatic dna, the drone is replaced by a deep sea drone and dinos like mosasaurus(epic) ikthiosaurus(common) plesiosaurs(rare) and the under water fights are well…under water!! ofc!!:blush::+1: what do u think of the idea?? Is tit good or no??

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Problem is the size of adding such a feature

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Idea 1 oh, GOD yes. I cringe every time i see no dinos with nullify and someone has a Indom G2. Mutual fury is almost certainly kill one of the team

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I’d be happy with just a way to evolve a dinosaur to the max level that you can, based on how much DNA you have. Having to fuse DNA at 20 coins a piece is tedious.

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Unfortunately yes, but if they can it would open up a lot more possibilities and loosen up some restrictions that are too heavy as it is.

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