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Possible way to fused vip creatures and other way to buy vip creatures

In JURASSIC WORLD THE GAME! The VIP Creatures is actually and exactly Azoic!! But don’t worry!! I found a Possible way to make VIP HYBRID and VIP SUPER HYBRID! and You can have more way to buy an VIP CREATURES (VIP normal,VIP Hybrid n VIP S-Hybrid), It’s the VIP-DNA!!! Sound cool huh?

About VIP-DNA:
You can buy 100 VIP-DNA with 1000 DNA in the Market, VIP-DNA can buy all kind of VIP Creature with Price from about 8000 VIP-DNA and Up! How can buy a VIP Dinos with VIP-DNA? You can unlock a VIP Dinos through VIP Tournament (Level 75+),You can get more VIP-DNA through VIP Building or Card Pack( about 1000 Loyalty point to get 500 VIP-DNA), VIP-DNA can using to Evolve VIP Dino and Fusing VIP Hybrid,

about VIP-S-Hybrid! It will Using VIP-S-DNA to making an VIP-S-HYBRID,
You can get 1 VIP-S-DNA through VIP Daily mission, 15 VIP-S-DNA through Card pack(120 Loyalty point) and VIP Building.

What do you think about VIP-DNA and VIP-S-DNA? Please gave an Opinions through comment below!
And if you have any Hybrid ideas for VIP Creatures so just post right here! See ya and have a nice day!!!


We need this in game.

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I like the idea but I don’t know how I feel about making a VIP hybrid atm. I might prefer new NON CARNIVORE VIPs that you can purchase similar to how you get sDNA creatures right now. This idea is certainly interesting though


Your posts are so underrated. Thats a great idea…

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Oh thanks dude!!

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I just wanna cure Azoic for Vip dino so…the game can Exploit more super Cool Hybrid and S-Hybrid with Vips dino if Ludía agree my ideas (VIP-DNA and VIP-S-DNA)!

I love the idea I just meant I don’t know if I would like the designs that would be possible with the current VIPs the idea itself is great

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What about this one? My Mastovenator (Mastodonsaurus + concavenator - amphibian)

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Really good design!!!

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Started typing days ago then got distracted and never got to the point to send it. So here we go again: I really like this idea and you put a lot of thought to it. My only issue is that it’s just too good to be true. We are not worth that much to Ludia. :stuck_out_tongue:

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thx i tried to use colors match from both creatures

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This is a nice idea however idont think ludia would switch up the way us players obtain vip creatures, vip dna would be another resource for them to add and I think we have far too many resources already.

However vip hybrids I’m all for that and it would add more longevity to the game.

Nice drawings and ideas though @Mohammed_Johnson :+1:

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