Possible way to not run low on gold?

I Olmsted never have enough gold to upgrade, and I can’t find a way to have much extra. Is there a way to not be low on gold all the time without paying?

Eventually when you are high level you can just keep doing dungeons to gain your gold / gems. I make roughly (surplus) 300 - 700 gems and 5000 - 10000 gold per day. Again this is depending on how active you are and repeat dungeons (I find harvestsbield mountain be best return)

How do you re-do dungeons? I thought it was once you do it you are done.

Hey Un-1-ted, Challenge mode allows you to re-run through the Story mode dungeon. :smiley:

How far on level and gear you need to be for the 20 dice roll on Haverstshield Mountain?

I see all that, but 3 of my 5 people are level 5, and the others are 4. So how can I spend some gold that I barely have, not knowing if I can even get that gold back?

Heroes about lvl 6 to get d20
I’ve farmed dungeons, not challenges at that time (complete 2 rooms, then quit), until i could clear the challenge

@PedroPaulo For Harvestshield you can probably luck into it at level 10 and reliably get it at level 11. You need to be able to survive some level 15-16 rooms; the boss itself is easy.

Thanks my friend. I can beat only d6, but working on my gear and level.

Depends on your group composition and what Legendaries you have for your best team. Generally once you have finished explore mode you should be able to clear Harvestshield most of the time.

End game is Epics and Legendaries. Rule of thumb is to never spend your gold upgrading Commons or Rares unless you get an immediate benefit. That gold will be wasted in the long run. If you have to upgrade equipment, only upgrade rares that you don’t have an epic (or legrndary if applicable) version of already.

Conversely, sell all commons and rares if given the opportunity.

Being able to clear all levels in a challenge will enable gold/gem/epic grinding which won’t require cooldown timers.

Dont be XP hungry. Increasing renown is a trap for PvP ever since the introduction of the roster system. In my opinion it’s best to unlock the 8 character but not unlock the last roster slot. Level the other characters to 10 and don’t level the final character at all. Upgrading the last character’s common equipment is fine though. This allows all your other characters to wield legendary equipment. It’s the equipment quality more than the level that determines the strength of your characters. The pay off is better control over PvP by never getting your low level character added to the roster. You can resume leveling once the final character has a full suite of Epics waiting for them.

Because that is your goal, you will end up with a surplus of XP. Gold is a limiting factor, so converting gold to XP is really wasteful.


As far as selling extra gear goes, they dont make it viable. The store dictates what and how much you can sell. This game is designed to bleed gold reserves dry so you have to pay stupidly high prices IRL just to keep playing.

After this latest update, the store is paying out much more when it comes to buying back things. And it’s not asking for things you have equipped nearly as much. That said, I still have upgrades on characters that I haven’t bought, but their only purpose is to get XP.

Perhaps the Events need to be more generous with their gold and gems payouts?

You can join a guild and trade pieces you need, you 50 gold per piece