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Possibly a bug?


I am trying to train my Anveil to up to 3 stars, and I have a copy of it, but the game says I do not and will not allow me to actually train it.


@Angienee I am not sure if this is how it works, but you might need a copy of the same star level to train it. NOT SURE ABOUT THIS THO.

  • Toothless

Check to see if your dupe was breeding as that would.orevent it from being used to train. If not contact support.

@Toothless1 you dont need the same star level to train


Oh okay @Talisax I didn’t know for sure that’s why I said maybe lmao. I wouldn’t know because I suck at the game and don’t get any good dragons.

  • Toothless

I don’t know what the deal was yesterday. Wasn’t breeding. Had actually just finished, that’s where the second one came from. But it did work today, so hopefully it’s all fine now. Thank y’all!