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Possibly a cheat reporting


I recently was battling with a Dilophosarus and the pounce attack should have won the game. Accept the player received 0 damage. How could that be. I have the same dino and it has no such ability.


Was it an anklio? They have invincibility on the epic version.


Monolophasaurus I’m assuming. It has 2 stacking 50% reduced dmg attacks. Not cheating you just werent paying attention. The whole reason people use it is because it reduces opponent to 0 dmg


I must not have one of those yet!


It was a proceratosaurus. And 50% reduction is max. Also, most games stack, but it is in order. So example 100 to 50 points for 50%. Another 50% should be 25 points off.


I had something similar. Some player used a level 11​ parasaurolophus to attack my level 11 t-rex with 0 health points and when my t-rex died, i swaped to my level 7 ornithomimus, and the parasaurolodhus attacked the ornithomimus to.