Possibly add more popular dinosaurs from the Jurassic series


I was surprised to find that many popular dinosaurs from the movies were missing. A few examples are:
Compsognathus - they even start the plot in one of the Park movies, and are a huge menace at other times
Brachiosaurus - is in both the Park series and both Jurassic World movies
Stygimoloch and Sinoceratops - this one boggles me because it’s already been in Jurassic World: Alive for quite a while
Archaeornithomimus - from the first Jurassic World movie

I would also like to see more dinos added from the original science fiction novels (like Hypsilophodon, one of my personal favourites). Seeing as how Euplocephalus was added, yet is only in the books, I think they should also get a chance.


I agree with you completely. Also, the euoplocephalus needs a redesign.