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Possibly looking for a new alliance


I’ve been in only one alliance since I started, but I think I need to find a new one.
Only half of the members are active, only 3 people are donating DNA (seriously - I asked for common diplo to see what happens, and I got less than half of it filled), leader asks for DNA but never gives any back anymore nor do they open their daily incubator, and speaking of missions, we’re lucky if we get higher than bronze.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m a hardcore player, but I do log on and battle every day, dart as many dinos as I can and complete all the daily challenges (give or take one or two from time to time). I’m also up for friendlies to get that mission done as well. I’m usually around 3700 trophies.


Your welcome in our alliance, talk to @Tori_baugh

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You can join my alliance called “TheLegends”!
We donate DNA, talk, and support!
We do friendly battles and always fill up our alliance missions!
We have opened up a few spots! Feel free to join!
Tell me your user so I know to accept you!


I have a good one. We all play daily some from a different time zone but we do get our missions and would love a player like you if you wanna give us a try TJC2019


Sounds like we are exactly what you’re looking for, we are called HeWasNumber1. If Interested PM me your information. Happy hunting :blush:

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Hi there Delta! I just inherited leadership for our alliance, YouBetJurassican. We’re a friendly, easygoing bunch and I personally try to donate as much as I can (as a free to play player- I’m more about earning coins lol). I just started cleaning house and am in the process of eliminating the inactive players. I know you have lots of options currently, but please come and check us out! Good luck on the search! :slight_smile:


Big Blue is recruiting. But no one gets in until the next missions are up.


“Timmy What Is It” is looking for new members. Join My Alliance “Timmy What Is It”


Hi Delta! Our alliance Jurassic Park1 has 3 open spots as of today. We are an active alliance and generous with DNA requests. We accept all levels and no need to join discord. We’d love to have you!


PiPen looking for a New alliance, am a actif player level 13. I open more than 8 incubators min daily, do all missions daily, so i get more dna than i needed and i like sharing whit my alliance for being in the numéro UNO. but when i request i need also the Same fair-play. Not 50 members just 2 give back, most of the rest just dna Hunter and not actif. So Guys looking for a New alliance please🇧🇪

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I may be late to the party here but I’m looking to build a better alliance… check me out at hAwX Genetics.


Specialized Hunters would love to add you to our alliance.


We are also hunting for new members if you want to join us. Friendly, active and generous with DNA, we give what we ask for.