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Post 1.10 trophy scores loss or gain?

This is not a topic about complaining just sharing how this update has effected our scores. I had a high score of 4896 before the update and a low point of 4489 after the update. I have seen a lot more variety in creatures players use too


Well I’ve battled close to 100 battles this week, but my completely unboosted team has stayed right where it was before 4770-4600.

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I’m fully unboosted, and before the boost changes my score was 4900 range. Now it’s at 4700-4800 range, so not much of a difference.

My 2nd account went up from around 2600 to plateau at 3100 as the teams in this range can’t boost back so strong.

My primary account had gotten behind as I really didn’t PvP on that one all summer till the end of September. I climbed from 4200 up to 4600 prior to 1.10 and now plateaued between 4800-4900 where I finally met my matches with my unboosted team.

Still sitting in the 4600-4800 range. A couple matches with a team that has a super boosted dino and a plummet for a bit. The AI isn’t helping much either.


After two losses it counted down to the AI and I lost to that also. :rofl:

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I was in low gyrosphere Depot prior to the update and I’ve gained about a hundred trophies over the last few days with some ups and downs. I have definitely seen some dinosaurs that you ordinarily don’t see getting used so I do think that there’s been a noticeable Improvement in variety

Speaking of dinos you don’t normally see, I saw a secodontosaurus in my most recent match.

Season high was 4950 before update… after update 5070… generally make it into library and play a few matches before im knocked down…
At 4999 currently…

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it depends on if your team depended heavily on boosts to get where you were. there is a tipping point and if you are on the good end, you shouldve gained trophies after boosting in this update. like if you were one of the top guys in your arena with the highest levels and boosts and battling alike, then you were on the good end. im up from 5800 trophies with my 29.8 team to 6k+ now. i was in gyro, now for the first time im on the beach.

Since 1.10 I’ve gained about 500 trophies and moved into top 50. Always sat around 700 in rankings after the initial boost came out in 1.7 The thing this boost reset has taught me is to go slower in battles and really think my moves through versus just trying to power chomp everything.


In the old system my boosts were 5-6 range with no plans of ever going to 7. After 6 I just started boosting another set of dinos so I could have more team options. My old plan did not rely heavy on boost but the speed did help some of them. One of the reasons I dropper so much is i am trying new things and different creatures. With all this Super Thor and rat stuff going on I don’t use either. I use Procer but refuse to boost him.

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5200 to 5700, boosts spread evenly

I am seeing some players that either never used boosts before or after and players that reboosted things after the update. How are some players doing that used boosts before and have not reapplied them? I have only applied a few to 2 creatures and I think Qiew is unboosted still

My somewhat of a hybridization between boosted and non boosted team has climbed past 4700 trophies. Before then I would be lucky enough to get past 4500 trophies or would be sent back to Lockwood Estates countless times.

Still climbing, up to 5407 now. I dropped Thor and replaced him with Indoraptor, which seems to be a better choice thanks to higher speed, cleanse, the dodge buff, and immunity to stuns and distraction. Both are level 30.

Basically same ‘strength’ crew throughout. Pre-reset my unboosted crew was a solid 4300; 44-something was high score. Boosts 2.0 and still unboosted, I am at 4891 and have not really hit the cap yet. I am starting to run into higher level opponents and battles are getting challenging.

Still where I was before - hovering around 5000. Seeing a lot of dinos unboosted still.

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Had boosted team before update tier 6 and was around 5200. Now with still unboosted team at 5100. Though went back to Aviary trying new dinos but settled for mostly same team as before reset, cause I mostly see same dinos as before reset.

Went from 4500s to nearly 4800s but the Draco drops keep sending me back down.