Post 1.5: The State Of The Game

Two part article being posted between today and probably Friday, but maybe early next week.

With the lull after the update in full force, let’s discuss some things that need changing. :slight_smile:


Just read it, fantastic article. Agreed 100%.

Ludia please read!

Only difference is subjective- alliances curently provide a huge advantage to competitive play. Theres a huge difference between an alliance that is trading rare dna like candy, and one where folks are more conservative.

Im ok with this, but id like the ability to buy dna in the store. Look at games like clash royale, castle crush, soul something or other.

We need a way to spend resources and get a guaranteed specific result.


Nice article. I m agree with all of that. Hope ludia listening​:wink::wink:


Fantastic article, I agree on all points!


Thank you much!


Call me crazy but i feel the game is much more p2w than ever, and balace is worst than ever, also 0 good spawns all day whitout buying tons of epic scents and stucked in zone3 since release of game, made me just play to grab those free epic strike towers and the 6 free epic attemps and back to walking dead our world or pogo

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I liked the article but did want to point out that strike incubators count towards your daily goals, so you don’t end up needing to open 11 battle incubators just to get the 4 cash.


Good article and I fully agree.

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The balance is definitely not worse than ever. That’s a little absurd. In patch 1.2, the highest level velociraptor wins the match 99% of the time, and everyone needed 3-4 raptors on thier team to be competitive. In patch 1.3, Indoraptor killed everything in the game on turn two. That’s not an exaggeration. Everything in the entire game was killed turn two and you couldn’t nullify cloaking. You had a 50/50 shot to do SOME DAMAGE on something that was going to kill one of your dinos no matter what you did. The BEST counter in the game for Indoraptor at that time had a 30% win chance. In 1.4, Stegod killed nearly everything, tank or otherwise, in the game. And the dodgestritch was also INCREDIBLY overpowered.

Now there’s a ton of diversity in team usage, a ton of viable dinos at high levels, a ton of really great balance.


I did not realize that. :slight_smile: Good point. But with only 1-2 strike towers released per day, that means – what – you can actually skip one free incubator (6 hour) to actually sleep, and theoretically could run one 8 hour, but you still get punished into the realm of impossible for running a 12 or 24 hour without paying exorbitant amounts of hard cash to force them open. It just seems a bit weird. :slight_smile:

Im on open 15 incubators today… for 5 hard cash… its a heck of a reward…


Strike tower incubators haven’t been counting towards my daily for what it is worth. (4 Dinobucks)

Yeah strike towers are not currently counting (whether they’re supposed to or not?).

Regardless, there’s no point in worrying about the incubator mission anyways. If you win, you go up 1 the next day. If you lose, you go down 1. So unless you plan to pay to open 1 more incubator every day for eternity, over time you’re going to succeed at this task about 50% of the time whether you try or not. Seems best not to think about it and just accept your free $4 every other day or so.

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Aaaaactually, I have to call myself out on this. It’s not the strike tower ones that count, but any bought in the store that do (inc the 6hr freebie) Sorry bout that.

Odd thing tho; I’m player lvl 20 and I’m only getting 3 hard cash to do 9 incubators in a day, so not sure what this is based on?? I’m pretty sure I’ve completed all the dailys for as long as they’ve been out

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Totally agree. I think the daily missions should offer about 50-100 dino bucks in total upon completion. Not gamebreaking but will offer much more incentive to stay active.


Great article, I hope, Ludia will pay attention to it!
Can’t wait for part two

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Strike tower incubators dont count towards daily goals. Only strike tower battles count

Great read as always Brian. So much yes on the daily rewards being nonsense. 14 incubators for 4 dollars seriously? Either the worst thought out cash grab or just really poor effort. I’d be happy with more difficult but achievable awards for better rewards, scents, cash, coins.

Also to add to my cash grab notion incubators do not count opened from strike events while battles are. This proves it’s a cash grab feature to buy incubators to earn 4 hard cash.

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sorry man that thor and dioraj lol

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Haha all good man good game. I was in the midst of a bad RNG streak fell 150 trophies. The battle before yours I had locked up but his indo and mono both dodged 3x each :confused:. Looking forward to a rematch.