Post 1.5: The State Of The Game


Yeah now trykosaurus, dilonacheirus and utharinex kill everything in game, and im fighting lvl 28,30 ones every day,not to mention lvl 30 indoraptors everywhere dodging everything and doing crits everytime, in the past you only need to grind raptors(and the spawns was infinite better i can hunt like 10k dna per night whitout a lot effort, now i can do 1 fuse to indoraptor whit luck), now you need waste like 109,99 euros per day in scents+the respective money in coins if you want those op uniques at 30 too, yeah i prefer old times


Not even close. They do not kill everything in game. Tryko is easily countered with tryostronix, Thoralodosaur, indoraptor, or tenontorex, including others. Diloraich is easily countered by spinotahsuchus, monomimus, and anything faster at same levels, as well as most tanks and Indominus Rex. And Utarinex suffers the same fate. Frankly, if you’re having trouble with those three, you’re not playing it right.


I mean, if that’s several levels above your team average you are supposed to have troubles with those. I imagine we all have troubles against stronger teams.


Yesterday I managed to open 12 incubators, still for 4 bucks reward.
Do you remember when prize increases to 5 bucks? On 13, 14 or 15 incubators opened?


I think it was 14 but I am not positive.