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Post Battle Screen

Why does the “you win”, “you lose”, or “draw” post battle screen last so long now? You used to be able to tap out of it fairly quickly. Now it just stays for what feels like forever before you can tap to the battle menu screen again.


I’m the only one who feels this way?

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Nope, it stopped for a while but now it’s back again. Time to report to Ludia’s e-mail.

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It’s quite annoying.

I just counted 13 seconds from after the animation stops that says “tap to continue” 13 seconds! Why do I have to stare at this screen THAT long before going to the screen with your incubators?

@Ned @John would you all please relay this concern to the support team and developers? I would greatly appreciate the help.

Hey Phil, is this for PVP or PVE battles? I’m not sure I am getting this issue with my game. :thinking:

If you haven’t already, could you send your device info over to our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate? Thanks!

Thanks for your response.

So after speaking with my team it was brought to my attention that you no longer can tap anywhere on the screen to proceed off to the next menu but you have to actually tap the bottom where it says “tap to continue” :man_shrugging: Seemed easier where you could tap anywhere on the screen like you used to be able to.

To answer your question it is pvp In the arena.

You have yo click bellow

Where it says “tap to continue”

Yeah that’s what I’ve discovered. It wasn’t always like that. It’s a horrible idea. Why not just tap the screen like it was before.

I’ve shared the info with our team. Thank you, Phil!

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