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Post counters for the 3 new uniques I got wrecked by phoru

I just know 2 counters, Spinocon works really well for indotaurus and phorurex, IDK if andrewtops is in there
and the other tryko for phorurex, if it gets a crit in the first hit with resilient strike it can kill phorurex
PLS put other ones…

Gemini, I think maxima would be pretty good, mammolania

am I becoming relevant or viable in the arena!? :eyes:

You are!

Testa can actually work well against Phoru, and that’s how I’ve defeated her before. The cunning moves do little damage thanks to the resistances, and Testa blasts through distraction and dodge. The lethal rampage and run might bring her down, but remember - if Testa survives it, the escape cleanses the bleed effect, AND heal her a good amount.

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All you need to do is keep your health above 3,200. 4,000 to be safe, and testa should win everytime.

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easy counter against phoura is testacornibus.

Yes snake can defeat phorurex if he is faster, how his health is or if cautious cunning rampage is out. For other counters. Titan and maxima are ideal counters since they have big health so they won’t be taken out by the instant ability and they can take out phorurex before he gets a chance of using leathal rampage and run. Indotaurus could theoretically work against phorurex (haven’t unlocked him yet so don’t know that). Entelonia, mammolania and deer also work pretty well against him

I think scorpius could work against him too but i haven’t tested that out yet

Monolorhino should do well against it
Immune to bleed
Amour and shield to reduce damage from instant cunning rampage
Cunning to distract
Removes dodge with definite impact