Post deleted when replying to comment


Just had a really annoying thing happen, and I don’t know what happened to cause it. I was replying to a comment on a thread I started, “Blast from the past, or maximum regret?”, and when I hit the reply button, I got the “whoops! Something went wrong. Try again later” message. I tried again, same thing. So I decide to hold off on replying, try to get out of the reply field. It asks do I want to delete the reply, I say yes. It DELETED MY ENTIRE POST instead!!

I have to ask one question: why aren’t your IT gurus fixing this? I don’t think I’m the only one here who’s had issues with posts just disappearing like that.


Well… problem solved. That was different…


What was it? I find this forum to be pretty wonky


It got reposted today.


Great. The same thing just happened AGAIN.


Aaaand… it’s back. What is going on with the forums today? I can’t post anything to my own threads without the auto-filter causing a glitch that removes the entire thread? That needs to be fixed, guys.


Hey Dalek62771, we are loving the dinosaur threads! However, your post is still being reviewed by our staff and it is not being deleted.


Nevermind, sorry. Go ahead and delete this thread then.


One thing is the moderators seem to be pulling some of the posts. I have one they are holding back and there is nothing offensive in it.