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"Post-Execution": My Idea about an ability for Cenozoics


You know how when Flyers were introduced they got Swap-In? “Post-Execution” should be an ability for Cenozoics. It will activate when the creature defeats an enemy and they will get a boost of some kind.
Maybe Smilodon could get a “Post-Execute Ferocity” Or a Mammoth could get “Post-Execute Defense” or something like that. Of course, like Swap-In, this ability should be gifted to others, to. Some Dinos and others should get it too. Crocs and Salamanders should definitely get it, since they don’t do too good in the current meta.

What do you think of my idea? Leave your thoughts down below.


Just to make them even more op.
It gets a kill, then it kills you with its boost, then it kills you again.


Or for titanoboa it has swap in evasive for 2 turns because snakes are really sneaky

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