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Post flagged but no idea why

Hey all,

I just posted to the alliance subforum. My post got flagged and hidden, but I quite honestly don’t know why. I didn’t use any foul language (to the best of my knowledge, english isn’t my native language) nor was I in any way inpolite.

I just provided some (very general) info about myself (and my girlfriend, we’re looking to join an alliance together) and our accounts.

If a mod could review my pots and tell me exactly what was wrong with it I could avoid this kind of stuff in the future. Right now I’m lost. Is it about the word cluele*ss in the title to describe our experience with the game? :roll_eyes:

Please check your messages. Our team sent you a message detailing your infraction. If you wish to appeal your warning or ban, please follow our ban appeals process as outlined in the [Forum Rules](