Post Mortem Rexes are recruiting

Post Portem Rexes are a close-knit raid-oriented alliance looking for quality over quantity. In other words, we want active players who want to clear content and contribute to the success of the group as a whole. We are small with only 5 very active members so if you are looking for a large Alliance where you can log in a couple of times a week and collect incubators, while losing to Indominus Rex… this isn’t the place for you. We clear all content each week including Apex raids through collaboration. If you’re an active player, somewhat new to the game with a player level of 13+, then this may be the alliance you’ve been looking for. We usually have at least one ‘carry’ position in each strat, so you can get your wins.

Some key dinos needed for raids include… Irritator lvl 15+, Entelochops lvl 15+, Indoraptor G2, Thylacotator lvl 15+, Marsupial Lion lvl 10+, Inostherium lvl 13+, Tuoramoloch, Diorajasaurus, Thoradosaurus 1800+ dmg, Skoonasaurus, Geminititan.

The ability to cover the epic and rare dino positions for players low on the progression totem, is paramount.

What you need…

· Discord for communication. This is how we setup raids, sanctuaries… it is an invaluable communication tool
· Can commit to raid times: 12-1:00 PM CST and/or 5-6:00 PM CST
· Will stick around to help others get their wins
· A stable connection
· Active, daily
· Speak/write English

Reach out to me via DM (here) if interested.


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