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Post page needed

We need a place to post alliance rules that can be seen at anytime like in our mail box that serves no one but getting mail from ludia, and the mail box could be used to to send messages to alliance members to see what’s going on when a plan is made .

just open up a discord chat channel

Have one the problem is cant get people to join it think we have 4 out of 50 to join. even tried facebook but no one join the page

Even on discord I didn’t see a place to have a post that stays there for alliance rules so everyone could see you would be but to telling every single time someone joins

no we have pages dedicated to rules etc

Oh ok but still try get everyone on it is a big fight

When the best answer is essentially just break tos. That leads weight to a better system being needed.

There is a reason the word discord is filtered from chat…

I know its the best option and what everyone uses but since its against their Tos they should give us better in game options.