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Post Patch Note Blues

After the initial excitement I’m having a “what’s the point?” day today.

Tried out the tournament - took 10 battles to win 1 (didn’t want to quit on zero trophies) - I don’t have a bad team but only 3 creatures have boosts and very few at that. I have about 100 of each boost so I could spread a bit of love, but for the rewards on offer - what’s the point?

Battled in the arena to get my DBI; haven’t got it yet - just about every team I face now has at least one tier 7 speed creature where my highest is 6 and if speed doesn’t win it for them there is an overleveled Thor and/or Rat to save the day for them. Soon I could boost one team member to tier 7 but what’s the point? More Miragaia DNA (whoop de do) and its only 1 of my 8 - which will soon be outsped again after a few more rounds of boost sales.

Tried hunting and darting some stuff - but what’s the point? Add another level to a team member and watch it get destroyed by the same creature, 5 levels lower, but boosted. My dinodex is complete so no challenge there.

Thought about mixing in a few up and coming team members (looking at you Gemini, Maxima, etc), but what’s the point? Unboosted they will get destroyed and if I use the boosts then they’ll still face the same issues as my main squad.

Thought about putting in a whole new B Team but what’s the point - unboosted it will be a long hard slog to drop to a competitive level.

Congrats to Ludia, your strategy worked - for a brief minute I actually considered sinking a pot of money so I could keep up with the arms race - but what’s the point?

Thought about going and spending hours playing another game to get HC via TapJoy - but I don’t want to play some other game - I want to play JWA.

So many things to do but so little point. Speed boosts have destroyed this game and 1.9 is not going to change that.

Oh sure, new creatures to find and new hybrids to create to once again complete my dinodex - that will keep my interest for a little while. Campaign mode - again, something new to work on but for how long? Remember achievements? Set and forget …

I still enjoy the camaderie, seeing a familar “face” in the arena, helping my alliance hit 5/5 and dropping the odd bit of comedy gold in the forums but …

(You still reading?? Really?? Shows the game isn’t holding your interest if you want to read my drivel).

Perhaps its just Post Patch Note Blues, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel inspired again to play - or maybe, just maybe I won’t even open the game.


i feel your pain. theres a clear pattern here about how the game really works.
Tried the tourney as well. NOPE losing streak for hours.


i really wish Ludia wasnt the one handling this franchise on this childhood dino game. i really do. it would’ve really save us from this insufferable Experience .

i love Dinos and i know everyone in here too.

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This is the first patch notes which have really made me think about just how boring the game is starting to become.

I love battling in the arena, so long as I stand a chance. The past 5 battles I’ve had has been nothing but high boosted DCs knocking out my Magna, followed by a Tryko using ID, II, ID, DSR, ID, etc. to create a long, lengthy, and above all, BORING match. Needless to say, level 27 Thors have been popping up too (yeah thanks, I mean, my team’s highest is a 25 legendary and the others are around 21, but nah, this is balanced alright).

The patch notes are uninspired, especially compared to other games I’m playing. Nearly everything players have asked for has been ignored, in favor of some shiny new keys to dangle in front of us.

More importantly, it took SO LONG to get them. With how long these took, I expected something incredible. Instead, we got what is seemingly the shortest update yet.


I had a superior winning streak a few weeks ago, got to top aviary. I actually considered going back to spending money on this game. Them the losing streak happened and I’m kind of glad it did, bringing me back to my senses.
They manipulate the players with wins and losses. There’s no doubt in my mind they have the ability to control how strong or weak of a team you face (it’s called matchmaking) to manipulate you psychologically into spending money.
At this point I’d rather drop arenas, the levels are meaningless unless you care about the status of it in your own head. All of us are addicts. Some of us have better control over the addiction.

I can’t believe they did nothing for alliance leaders request for alliance leader tools, which makes me care far less for the game developers and the success of this game. That has been asked for far too long by far too many to be completely ignored.


new dinos, mechanics, abilities… seem nothing against same boost, matchmaker and trophy system.

1.9 doesn’t change this:

or this:

and how much of this:


I’m overall reasonably satisfied with the patch notes. I would have liked birds in sanctuaries, a DC nerf, and better matchmaking, but I’ll count my blessings. I boosted up my Maxima, and I’m thinking of doing the same for Gemini. I’ll remain optimistic.


I’m gonna be honest here and say I 100% agree with PDQ.
The nerf to Monostegotops is bad enough, but Tryko and Dioraj will become obsolete now thanks to the ridiculous buff to Indoraptor which appears to make it a Dino with no counters at all, and with Thor and the rat being left to run riot, the arena will become even worse than it already is.
And don’t even get me started on the massive health buff for a crappy epic that will now become as irritating as the rat, yes, Yoshi. There can be no justifiable reason for such a ridiculous buff.
I’ve said this a few times on here, and perhaps now is a relevant time to say it again. Be careful what you wish for in these forums, because you can be sure Luda will do the complete opposite of what the majority ask for.


I said it before,i’ll say it again.It’s not an update,it’s just a small patch.
And i am very disappointed that a large percentage of the community in here is very excited.Maybe i am wrong.I hope they enjoy it.I’ll have to wait again and…HOPE .


I’ll take PDQ :wink:


Agreed, the game is more and more about grinding, not exploring to find new dinos. I will likely continue to play and try to create some of the new creatures, but the only way to make them relevant is to boost them, so…


I read every word of @PQC’s post and yup, that’s exactly how I feel too! I feel like I’m climbing a greasy pole with this game. No matter how hard I grind, Ludia keeps moving the finish line further and further away.

I have been playing this game since the day it was released, and it’s taken me well over a year to build up a team strong enough to get me back over the 5,000 trophy threshold. Before boosts and DracoceRAT-OPs I was almost always in that trophy range, but that and 1.7 matchmaking were a massive setback.

New hybrids have been introduced in every patch. Guess how many of the ones introduced in the last few months I’ve ever been able to use? None. Between arena exclusive hybrid ingredients, boosts, and the need to get a creature to at least level 26 to be team level, it’s an insurmountable task for an F2P player like me.

I have a second account that I created several months ago to make arena fun again. That one is now level 16 in Jurassic Ruins, and it’s reaching end-of-life. I regularly lose 2 in a row and end up battling a bot because I limited the team dinos on that account to level 20. This is to prevent the game from becoming even more of a long grinding time suck than it already is. Carnotarkus would help that team, but thanks to its arena-exclusive ingredient I can’t get mine to team level.

I’m growing more and more disgusted with Ludia’s business model. Why spend all this time grinding when any dinosaur in my team can be rendered useless in the next patch (looking at you, Monostegotops!)? My Monostego is level 27 and 5-5-5. It was a valuable team member. Now I’m having to bring back my level 30 5-5-4 Suchotator to replace it, but knowing my luck that will get nuked in a future patch. VERY demotivating! :rage:


i said this some times here, hahahaha:

“give them the worst ideas possible, they will do the opposite.”
:japanese_goblin: (i love this emoji)


I think we’re excited because SOME of the Dino’s we like, or that needed buffs finally got them and should be better now. Pterovexus looks a lot better now, Indoraptor is looking slightly Op again (but hey it’s Indoraptor, it deserves to be special), Monomimus might be usable. I think it’s one of the better updates we’ve had in months. I don’t know why they did somethings like buff Procerathomimus, I love Christmas chicken but I feel the buff wasn’t necessary but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


There are things i like in the patch notes.It’s not everything pitch black.But i feel that they offer me a mirror or bracelet and for return they ask me to hand over my money to them.
That’s not going to happen if i don’t see serious effort from their part.
Big Content Update and serious bug fixing


Correct me if I’m wrong:

You pay 100 hard cash to play in this tournament.
You need to be top 500 to win 25,000 coins.
If you don’t make top 500, you only get HALF of your entry fee back and that’s all.

In a recent tournament, they had 60,000 players participate.
I know this because I dropped to zero trophies an hour before it ended.
You want us to be one of 59,500 players to throw away 50 hard cash?



You know, it’s crazy all of the different opinions everyone has about Creatures, others playstyles, and the game in general. I love the mind games behind tryko. I also understand RNG can suck with dodging sometimes but it can also be good. Why do we care if people who play differently? If something is made to be used a certain way, why would we be surprised/angry when it’s used the way it was made to be used.

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Sorry, that was auto correct!

I feel like a lot of the reason I play this game is because my Dinodex isn’t filled. So that’s my reasoning. But also I don’t want to waste my precious coins making utarinex bc it’s ancestor utahsino is so much better, so essentially my dinodex will never be completed Haha.

The sanctuaries are lame as heck. The boosts are just ridiculous and definitely a money grab. But this game kinda has been about “whoever spends the most money is the best” since the beginning.
The best part of this game in my opinion is the hunting, for sure. Only exciting and fun part about it.


Monosteggy to that level is not an easy route either. They allow boosted rats to run rampant. And nerf monosteggy? The rat is 20x easier to have at that level. And then rarity checks in mm allows lvl 30 rats fighting lower dinos.