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Post Tournament Stats

For the Stat geeks out there, it would be great to see tournament stats delivered after it’s over such as:

Winning percentage
Creature with most kills
Creature most killed
Best win streak
And others…

Just a thought!

It should also say how much RNG screws you over. :smiley:

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I’m not sure how anyone thought an equal level tourney would work better than this. I’ve been saying this for a while when folks suggested it as a better option than the main tourney. Folks are chasing the dragon trying to get realistic results from any of this. It’s a waste of time.

I’d just like to see the game fixed before they start working on new stuff. That alone seems like more than a plateful for them.

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Completely agree. They should have called it “open luck tournament” since the beginning…

They didn’t handle speed ties : the one who wins the most has an incredible advantage but which skill is it again??
They should have handled 5% crit. Which skill is that too?
Either by removing them from the tournament or if they want to keep them (because otherwise they would probably destroy some other part of the game at the same time) just ponder result with them. When I have a game where the opponent got 4 5% crits where 3 of them where not overkill it should decrease the amount of trophies at play.
Like for each 5% crit there are like 5 trophies taken out. If you win with those 5% crit you win only 15 trophies and other lost only 15. If he wins through your luck he got full 30 and you lost 30. Games are so tight that a 5% crit is too powerful.

And that’s why I need 10+ min to get an incub in regular arena…


It only took me 30 mins in the last tournament to realize this open skill tournament wasnt for me.

Im not knocking the format and Im still glad it was added for those that wanted something like that but i just wasnt intrested this weekend to do it… between speed ties… stun rng… and the other rng normal stuff it would have just angered me.

Id rather fight in the arena right now… i actually love the unpredictability the game has right now despite being broken…the fact that i have to long press every dino and pay attention to stats and no.

I know Im in the minority but Id rather lose 3-0 then have the majority of my matchups depend on rng.

The problem is almost all of the 3-0 I inflicted (and the ones I received) are crazy luck. I didn’t even remember a 3-0 without luck because teams are so close that a 3-0 should never happen.
I count them as free wins / free loss.

But yeah I take 0 pleasure to win with a crit at the end or being defeated by a 4 dodges in a row orni. I will be happy to opt out next time.
I would even make more cash by doing tapjoy offers using same amount of time.

Although I’m raging at this moment for having just lost a battle I had under control because of a DracoG2 crit… I have to say this tournament is the best thing going on in this game for me right now. Arenas are totally broken… I eventually have good matchs, but most of the time I win easily or lose easily because a boosted monster was selected for one and not for the other… The tournament reminds me of how fun matches can be, full of strategies and not just wins and losses that depend on dodges, Dracoceras or boosted high level freaks.

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