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Post Tournament Trophies/Battles

I’ll keep it brief. I ended the tournament with a 4900 trophy count. Was doing VERY well. With the start of the new tournament, I have lost over 400 trophies in battle losses.

What is going on? I have alliance members who are angry and ready to quit the game entirely. Ludia, if players are somehow cheating to manipulate the system, it’s ruining the experience for players who are trying to play the game honestly.

It is the Ludia system called paid 2 win.
Gathering dinos has become less important than purchasing boosts. Boosts win the game. My almost full 30 team facing off 25 level teams with full T8 and beating me relentlessly. So yea… game is not about exploration or darting as much as buying boosts.

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I’m also running into the “old” style matchmaking since the new season started. I’m getting players with dinosaurts FAR stronger in level and boosts than anything I’ve ever had. I lost 8 in a row this morning and 10 in a row yesterday night.

I thought it might be because the rules in Aviary are different than in lower dungeons, but who knows.
Anyone else having issues with this?


Funny, that’s where I seem to get to - 4900 trophies odd. Then I always go on a losing streak.

I was at 5400 a few days ago, I’ve plummeted because of “poor luck”. I’ve literally had 2 dozen consecutive failed stuns including 3 on the same Tryk in the same game. I think they beat you down if you haven’t bought anything in a while. I’ve had bad drops like this before and recovered but this time I’m facing max level dinos every game and often higher boosted than mine

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Just dropped from 5300 to 4830 in barley two days.

I just can laugh

Lucky me parch 1.9 will fix this matchmaking



Exactly the same is happening in our alliance.
Players are losing hundreds of trophies every day!
I don’t understand how or why this is happening again but it is so disheartening.


Wow I’m glad it’s not just me. I dk what they have done. But these “streaks” are far worse then I have ever seen. I dropped nearly 1k trophies within 36hrs. Out of 76 matches I had 66 missed IC stuns. 50 of them cost me the match for a set up and swap or kill. 5% crits during this time increased exponentially for the opponent. I usually keep stats when things like this happen. And I have never seen it this bad

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Yep, same here: lost almost 600 trophies in 2 days…was at approx. 5600 trophies…now in low 5000. These long losing streaks are making it very tempting to just uninstall. Mamy are on the brink of doing this. One of our alliance member who was a top 50 player already stopped a couple of days ago.

Whoa… good thing I’m battling less… waiting for 1.9 so my Indo can be more useful

I’m glad i’m Not the only one. I just wish I knew what we could do about it.