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Post-Trial Membership Light Fury Problems

So I am having a problem that I was hoping I could possibly get some help with. I did the free 7-day trial membership and did a lot of everything I could with it. It was good, but before it had expired I sent the light fury on an exploration. It was a relatively long one and the light fury was supposed to return just before the trial membership ended, but I was having some internet problems at that time and was not able to go onto the game to collect my reward at that time. I was expecting that though I no longer had the membership, I would still be able to collect the bags when I was able to go online again the next day, but I was not able to collect them, and that is where my problem comes in. I honestly don’t mind that I can’t collect them. It is probably just some wood or fish anyway, but what is really annoying me is that neither the green “1” over the riders section or the bags over the light fury have disappeared. There was this thing that popped up staying that everything would be lost in an amount of days that I forgot the number of, so I was hoping that would mean the bags too, but they did not go and are still there requiring me to get a membership to collect them. Is there anyone who knows how I could possibly fix this obnoxious issue?