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For the 2nd time now a post of me was temporarily removed for investigation by the Ludia team. Does anyone know if that’s just a normal procedure or could there be some kind of misspelling on my side which generates misunderstandings in my posts?


I usually get 2-3 of my posts hidden daily, for the life of me I can’t figure out why this happens.


Please mind that our filters are extremely sensitive, however, I can assure you that if your post does not violate our forum rules, it will appear here shortly.


Thank you for the reply @Ren, I tried to search in the rules to see if I could find some guidelines but only found generic rules. Nothing that would help me figure out what I could change in my posts to help minimize the extra work on you and the team at Ludia’s side of the forum.

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If you are having doubts about a particular post that is not showing, you can absolutely copy it for me via DM and I will explain to you in what way it violated the community guidelines.


Thanks for your explanation @Ren. Just because I’m curious, my post that did potentially violated the guidelines was the following:

‘Put your best attacker in the 2nd slot. Put your first move in reserve and forget the dino in the first slot. Then always 3 blocks and the rest in reserve until you got 8. Then again 3 blocks and 5 attacks. That way you can fight the boss until eternity.’

Was it the use of the words attack and fight or something else that triggered the filter?


Wow, I just copied my filtered post in a message to you because I wanted to know why it was investigated and the quote is filtered again. Your guidelines are working.


I don’t see anything in violation of our rules, please try to post in the corresponding topic once again?


It did not violate the rules because it was posted after the investigation of your team. I am only interested what could have triggered the filter in the first place.


Considering the innumerable number of cuss words and crude slang terms across a plethora of languages, the tendency to list sensitive information like support keys and addresses, and anything else one could imagine, filters have to be super-sensitive. As someone who has used multiple forums, I have to give the Ludia moderators props: I have never run into a company-run forum with faster moderation or wider liberation. They really give us great freedom of speech. Most forums would remove posts with the hints and tips and complaints that I myself have posted here. Kudos to the mod team.


Thank you for your understanding and appreciation!