Post-update teams


Post yours!


Half tank and half tank-breaker thats the meta now i think


I’m baffled how anyone can have a team like this without cheating or spending thousands of real money


Or ya know he/she just goes out a lot lol?


So many armor piercers, why don’t u replace Allo with Raja? Just curious, raja was buffed a lot.


Here’s my beasties!!! :blush::blush:


Dont know, perhaps like i like more allosinosaurs i only need find some sinocerstops, all i saw was from paying incubators lol, allosino can eat half like of a tank like stegodeus whit 1 crit, imagine if were more leveled.
For the other guy i spent like 3 k euros and grind a lot too, im basically looking all time the game except when i sleep haha


Loving the Stegodeus, Suchotator, Postmetridon and Gorgosuchus.


My team is just pure grinding. Goal is to spend miminal amount of real money, while having a decent team. Spent $130 into this game (VIP, one time offers, and two incubators, the fireworks and indoraptor). This is my team so far, and I joined at the beginning of June :grin: