Post VIP experience


My VIP subscription elapsed yesterday hence I had one full day today to experience how it was like before.

  1. No more 12 to 13 shots. Nowadays the maximum of shots I can get off is 10. Average 8-9 shots regularly.
  2. No more 280+ points per creature (Stego/Apato/Velo). I am at level 14 with a max 24 points per dart. Max I got was 240. Still not bad until you meet an Epic dino. Max I had on T-Rex was 69.
  3. No more double coins/darts after you spin the supply drop. Averages about 7 darts per spin so I have to replenish it very often. Additionally, I start choosing which dino to dart - no more darting everything I see.
  4. Dinos that were in range is now out of range. Even if they were in range, the 30% less time will allow you a max of 5 darts.
  5. Events are the hardest that’ll hit you as you’ll have 30% less time.

So, any other experience for after quitting VIP & why one quits VIP?

For me, the VIP perks just do not justify the monthly cost. Coins are the most important commodity and nowadays VIP and non-VIP gets the same amount of daily limit. I would only consider rejoining if Ludia doubles the VIP limit again. Yes, the amount of dna helps but how many Epics do you get to dart in any one day?

One last thing: Non-VIP tends to lose more battles. I was on 4343 trophies when my VIP elapsed. Now I am under 4050. Sorna Marshes…here I come.


I wouldn’t go so far as to say that non-VIPs lose more battles… Every player hits a rough stretch now and then.

I attribute my semi-frequent consecutive losses as a non-VIP (which happen more than I like to admit) to my underwhelming team and crappy strategic decisions. :joy::joy: But I’m a casual player and accept the fact that I will only do better if I work toward it and get stronger creatures.


Don’t mind me…I was just letting go some steam. Cheers!


Yes, I absolutely agree you except the last thing. VIP is no meaning any more. I also cancelled my subscription. VIP and NON-VIP are not so different in this game. Only one time Epic incubator. No more Epic incubator. Time can be covered with distance. As closer, more darts. Over 150 m, just give up. That’s all. Unless Ludia changes the current no-merit of VIP subscription, no meaning to do it.


Tested how many coins I’ll get today as a non-VIP & I can attest that I’m getting the same amount as a VIP. Cash too. However, the one drawback is that I had to spend more time hitting those Supply Drops as no more auto 2X drops (unless it is those green colored ones). Used to skip those “Watch” for a 2nd spin but not now. My legs are killing me.


So to make sure I understand, the total coins and cash are still the same it just takes you roughly twice as many stops (give or take, depending on what you get from each.)


Anyone that is considering starting VIP now would have to be mad in the head tbh. It is a good service for range and restocking darts etc. But tbph the game is unplayable atm. Most people I’ve spoke to have cancelled VIP in the last few days.


Yeah, I drop off VIP on the 5th when the current subscription ends… Just preparing the game plan.


I don’t think there’ll be a huge difference without it. The thing I’ll miss the most is the drone range


I only have ViP for the extra range and because I want to support the game. My subscription did drop once and I found that I wanted that extra range with the drone so I resubbed.


Hey, I have idea, using your current situation, can you try and check if the myth about dinosaurs spawning more often at 200+ meters is true or just assumptions??
I guess it would be helpful to everyone if clarified.


Collect as many dna as possible. Once I decided to drop VIP, I have been doing so and now I have 5 dinos with over 50,000 dna & about 10 with over 40,000 dna. Make use of the extra time limit & range now cos you are gonna miss it once you are non-VIP. Collect Velociraptor dna cos both Indominus and Indoraptor eats right through them.


What I miss most is the extra time limit. With VIP, I can get 12-13 darts in. Without VIP, most I can let off is 10 but average only 8-9.


Yeah, I am by far limited by coins and not DNA. But I always dart when I can. Never know when the next meta or hybrids will hit.


I have just created an Indoraptor. Level 21. In fact I have enough dna to evolve it to level 22 but I just found out that it requires 60,000 coins. :fearful::fearful::fearful:


Both myth and assumption: Yes, I have seen rare/epic dinos at 200m+ but then again I have a T-Rex spawn right beside me…in fact it was a Carno & a T-Rex side by side. Can Ludia program JWA so that more dinos spawn at 200m+. Yes they probably could but it’ll mean 2 different programs on different servers and that’s not the way to maximize profits. What they could have done is to ensure that there are more spawns for VIPs with a simple subroutine specifying more spawns should the user is tagged a VIP.


Your points are the reasons why VIP is essential for me as a rural player… in fact I would not be able to reach 2 out of 3 nearby spawn points without it.

It could be a coincidence, but with the update a supply stop/spawn point suddenly appeared in front of my house… there are no other ones within 300 m. Coincidence? :thinking: I’ve had VIP since late May and am not dropping it until I stop playing (or the supply drop disappears!)


1st day after a month of VIP …

Reduced supply point rewards and reduced time to dart are marginal on the inconvenience scale but its amazing how much I’m missing the extra range - used to dart a lot from home and office; harder when a passenger in a car as well.

Still not tempted to renew but it wouldn’t take much - drop in price, increased daily coin limit, increased spawns (@Joe_Ng nice idea), boosted battle incubators or a monthly incubator - any one would probably do it.


Think about it this way… how much money is it per day? You can just about get as much cash from supply drops (VIPs get double the amount). You can justify it! :wink:


@DeLana - damn, that’s a good argument, less than 30p a day …