Posti / amargo


Question for « higher level » players. Are postimetrodon and/or amargocephalus worth spending coins on, other than for their hybrids? Do they stand a chance in battles?


Postimetrodon yes if it’s high enough
Amargocephalus not at all


Depending on the level im not sure posti is even worth it


Now i got you, i guess. Go for tryo and trago.

Btw does anyone get why posti got self cleanse even though it’s immune to negative fx already? (;


I use Postimetrodon and I’m up around 5k trophies. It’s good versus the right dinos. There might be better choices but i find so much of the dinos needed to fuse it so i just keep leveling it up


I would suggest not investing coins past lvl 15 for the posti and amargo, unless you can get a very high leveled posti. I personally can’t justify leveling up when I know I’m never going to use it or have it on my team. Coins are tight these days, and their hybrid line is a better investment in the end. Really comes down to what dinos you want to be on your squad in the long run. If you are aiming towards tragodistis or tryostonixs then I would just hold off on leveling them up and just stocking pts for future fuses. The amount of parasaurolophus it takes to level up a tradogistis can be overwhelming, and Id save as much as I can.


Armargo is OK for the time you get it but gets outclassed later on.


I use them both for now. I enjoy armago’s instant invincibility combined with counter attack. Posti’s immunity with defense shatter has taken down many a stegoceratops for me. I will probally phase them out for others once I get the coin and DNA to level up their replacements.


Im guessing posti has the cleanse move so he could heal his hp but they havent created a heal only move (that I know of) so they gave him adrenaline surge. It also increases damage for four moves as well.


You’re right of course. But it always feels like it’s not using the whole potential of the move. It should have gained something else instead.


Both posti and Amargo are very good but neither are better than their hybrids. Lv to 15 and use them as they are until you can make the hybrid to replace them.


Currently fighting with level 15 Postimetridon and 16 amargocephalus. Love both!


Tryostronix is only worth it if you can keep leveling it. My raptor killed it in one pounce last time i fought one because it was low level


Perhaps they will change it’s moveset at a later time to make a little more sense.