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Postimetridon and Megalosuchus strike swap buff

I really like both of these hybrids, but realized that Megalosuchus for a legendary is missing something to really make it better than say an epic hybrid like Gorgosuchus or Postimetridon. I realized that it not being immune or not having a shield breaking move makes it pretty weak. My suggestions is swap the two hybrids first strike. Give Megalosuchus the shield breaking ability of Defense Shattering Strike and give Postimetridon Pinning strike.

My thought is Postimetridon is immune and the ability to pin speedy swappers would help it get in one extra move it might need. Also Megalosuchus would have a shield breaker that isn’t devastating like Defense Shattering Impact.

Both minor buffs, but really helps their strategy advantages.


Personally, I feel that Critical Impact should be replaced with Defense Shattering Impact. Really, I’d love to see it have DSR, but DSI would probably better serve balance and with its counter attack would still turn it into a heavier hitter, imo.

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I wouldn’t mind megalo having defense shattering strike, then megalo would have a chance against tragodistis :rofl:

DSI with ferocious strike, shield, crits, and counter may be too op.

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That’s why I suggested changing the Critical Impact to DSI. Would then have Pinning Strike, Ferocious Strike, Defense Shattering Impact, and Short Defense, with Counter-Attack. Wouldn’t be that OP…would still lose to dedicated tank busters that are faster like Gorgosuchus or Tryostronix, not to mention the potential problems it’d have with Indo, Monomimus, etc…stuns, attack decreasing dinos…

My main point I didn’t get across here is that the pinning strike just really doesn’t fit Megalosuchus’s build

I both disagree and agree with this at the same time lol

Not necessarily, I can take down gorgo and tyostoniks with taking one hit from a counter since they are faster, then following using a critical impact. One shotted all the dinos you mentioned. From the battles that I’ve fought with megalo, she has never had any problems chowing on indo and mono. It’s just mostly tragodistis. You get stunned, no counters. You got an “invincible shield” so you are essentially playing dodgeball without hands. Megalo only really needs defense shattering strike, and a slight speed boost.

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Then I’m guessing by the numbers game your Megalo was a higher level than the ones you’ve mentioned. Or Gorgo or Tryos was brought out when you were already buffed. But straight by the numbers, if both are brought out fresh, and use FI to open then DSR Megalo is finished second turn without a crit beforehand. Also, I said potential problems with others, considering she doesn’t have a way to nullify. Trago…not that really hard to counter with a Megalo, if you understand how to play it correctly.

Give or take one or two levels, haven’t came across any lvl 25 baryonyx yet, but I have seen a couple handfuls of 24, and maybe a lvl 25 somewhere along the line. I’ve been able to take them out without needing a buff :man_shrugging:t3: Megalo is not very hard to use, it’s like step one shield, step two ferocious strike, etc. Different dinos are designed for different play. Megalo is a survivor and will pack decent hits over time if it survives. My megalo can’t counter the stuns, and it’s not very effective against trag, which is just stunning, shielding, then rampaging …

Huh? Where did Baryonyx come from? Even Baryonyx of a roughly equal level would require a coin flip whether Megalo survived or not if it was played correctly. And I have better luck rotating how I play her based on the opponent. Megalo is a survivor when played well and not matched up against a faster tank busting type.

Sorry I meant tryo :sweat_smile: Still early in the day. Guess we have diff problems then, prefer facing the faster dinos without armor and shield :man_shrugging:t3:

No, don’t take anything away from Posti. Pinning strike is boring and unnecessary. This sounds like a Megalosuchus user trying to nerf Posti to make sure Megalo survives their battles.

I’m actaully a hardcore Postimetridon lover. I just think that because it is immune if it had a way to pin down faster dinos before they jumped ship it would be able to get that final blow in.

Pinning strike would weaken Postimetrodon and make it a less efficient tank buster. Are opponents swapping on the 2nd attack? I thought it was standard to do Ferocious Strike followed by Defense Shattering Impact. By the 3rd attack, they should go down unless it’s a Stegodeus or something with a lot of health. And then you would just do Adrenaline Surge and then Impact again. That will take down the same level Stegodeus. Taking away the Defense Shattering Strike would probably prevent Posti from taking down Tragodistis on the 3rd attack. If Posti lost that attack, they would have to give it a counter attack to make up for the terrible nerfing. I just can’t see Pinning Strike being useful in its moveset.

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But Posti (and Gorgo) are epics. They shouldn’t be better than Megalo. Which with those attacks, they are. Not saying they should take Posti and Gorgos attacks or Nerf those two…but Megalo definitely needs a buff.


I was just saying that i don’t want Posti nerfed. I agree that Megalosuchus has a weak attack but i face people who can deal 1000+ on a counter attack, so it’s actually a pretty tough dino. Pinning strike is boring though so i wouldn’t mind if it had something else instead.

Definitely agree. I never want to see any dinos nerfed. It’s so stupid. Just buff their counters if there’s a dino that’s OP. Some of us busted our rears to get these dinos then at the snap of a finger they’re useless. I hate the very concept of nerfing. Pinning strike does suck but may become more useful as more flying creatures are added, which I’m sure they will be.


Agreed. I’m not sure why it’s being ignored by Ludia for so long now. Megalosuchus needs that shattering strike to stand a chance against dinos with a shield. I also think the speed needs adjustment because it’s so bloody slow. xD

Tbh, I think its speed is fine where it is. I wouldn’t complain about seeing it bumped up, but I think if they do buff Megalo, it’ll be an either or. Raising the speed or giving it DSR…with its shield and full counter strike, both might be a lil too OP.