Postimetrodon Buff?


What do you think about this hybrid? Is weak despite the fact that it comes from the same types of cards as Gorgosuchus (sorry if I wrote wrong), what do you think? Buff or nerf? For me, a medium buff would be useful to him.


I wish he would get a buff. He’s a steady member of my team because I want as many stunning counters as possible but I sure wish he was stronger


I do have to say his legendary hybrid is probably my favorite of all time. Tryostronix is a beast.


Exactly @Dilopho4us I have Postimetrodonte in my team now and she won’t be upgraded above lev15 so that I can save her dna for the next hybrid. :+1:


Postimetrodon is my fav Dino in these stunning times. Just don’t see enough Baryoynx to even think about making Tryostronix.