Postimetrodon hit box is too big

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I cannot select the coin chase box indicated or any surrounding dinos without selecting the postimetrodon raid boss. No matter how I change the camera angle or zoom in or out.
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Same the indominus boss was in the way of an event incubator and coin chase

Yeah I had this. The boss wasn’t even on the screen, yet insisted on being selected!

I concur with this. Tried to dart a cervacle and the postimetrodon wasn’t even in the screen and it kept clicking on it.

Yes, this is a long time issue that hasn’t been fixed. It applied to grypolith and indotaurus raids as well, iirc.

Indotaurus was never a raid. Megalosuchus was, and it was a CONSTANT pain.

I guess I meant indoraptor…

Oh I sent them a video of this and they say, hey thanks but we are just going to ignore you. Have a pleasant day. :joy::joy:

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