Postimetrodon is overrated


I believe possimetrodon is really underpowered. It has the health,speed and move kit of a dinosaur which wants to kill the enemy within 2 shots. But its attack is of a dinosaur which wants to grind their way to victory. Highest damage it does without crits in lv 15 isnt even 2000. Look at gorgosuchus for example. Less health less speed and not immune but has higher attack and crit stats. Destroying tankgods. I mean what else is there to say


It can be quite useful in midfight on very specific situations, but I have to agree that I’ve been keeping him on my party mainly because he looks cool af, and performance-wise it’s been kind of a disappointment.


in the situations it is useful, gorgo is better. you grind tank vs tank, yours dies enemy is low, you throw in gorgo and ferocious kill the tank and then the next victim gets 2900+ damage bursted on it no armor no shield


Well, gorgo can get stunned or affected in many ways, so it really depends on which Dino you are going against.


in most cases gorgo is better but even in cases postimetrodon is better it cant 1shot low health target


Depends which zone you are in. I collect what I find. My Postimetrodon is lvl 22 Gorg is 16. Also if you get Baroynx that’s going to change what you do.

Unless you can easily remain in another zone the dino’s you get are predetermined.


yes thats true. i am talking about which is better İF they were available in equal levels. also yes if you find baryonix tryostronix is awesome and that is the only reason why my postimetrodon is lv 15