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Postimetrodon or Gorgosuchus?


Both have the same moves. Postimetrodon has immunity, a better health and is quicker.
However, Gorgosuchus has a way better attack.

I don’t know which one to put in my team?



At the same level posti will do better overall. Gorgo needs 1 turn to set up, so typically is only good if it’s brought in to finish off a nearly dead dino and hit the next one hard.

Head to head though gorgo is slowed and killed next turn whereas posti’s immunity makes him a bit harder to deal with.


Gorgo… and just use it properly


@Jimmy_Pals I think it depends on what you are able to farm easier and what are the other 7 dinos of your team. My situation is that I don’t have any other immune dino so I have posti in my team, lev 15, until I can create new immune dinos. Also, my gorgo is lev 13 (299/200 dna so I am not wasting coins now to level her up to 14 because I won’t use her until she will be lev 15).


Postimetron seems so much better to me. But farming its ingredients is also very easy to me. Unlike kaprosuchus.

Gorgo gets stunned and slowed which can easily offset its bigger hit.


They are the same level, for now.
Postimetrodon, however, will be a lot easier to farm (at least for me), so I think I’ll have him in my team instead of Gorgosuchus. He is also my only dino with immunity.

Thanks all!


Posti all day. Having immunity is possibly the best ability in game.


everytime i see posti i know im gonna win.
but go with whichever one you can get it’s ingredients easiest since you can get it higher levels.


Either, really. They have the same moveset, with Postime having Immunity and (I think) higher speed. I haven’t used Postime because my team runs more defense, and Dimetrodon started going down when I entered Mt. Sibo. I had better luck with my Gorgosaurus until I got my Rex, so I went straight for Gorgosuchas and haven’t looked back. It has such an attitude, and once it sets up, it’s an absolute beast.


Well… I got both, do I need to change one of them off now? :open_mouth:


Depends on your team and what you could use more. Having at least one immune is beneficial; having an extra beast is never a bad idea.


It was sarcasm though.


The big double pumped up crit that gorgo can deliver on a defense shattering rampage (3x base dmg hit that crits a fair amount!) can one shot a stegodeus don’t think posti can quite compare with that potential he is quick and immune though so he got that. Gorgo so good they had to Nerf his legendary hybrid to not have defense shattering rampage to make up for it lol


Gorgo is only useful in specific situations. A Stegodeus can kill a Gorgo in 2 shots, before u have enough time to properly set it up.


Stegod can kill almost anything in 2 hits. Don’t make a 4k plus crit any less awesome. Plus if stegod does not double slow which they often don’t that stegod is getting ko


In my experience, whenever Gorgosuchus is on my team it’s going to end up killing something. It’s even beefy enough to tank a single Velociraptor pounce and kill it despite the attack debuff if it’s already set up. At level 17, after using Ferocious Strike, DS Rampage does about 2500 damage which is pretty crazy.

Conversely, I’ve never seen a Postimetrodon on the opponent’s team and been worried about it. It has a very similar moveset and Immunity but the damage output is actually pretty low by comparison.


Typical Gorocuchus scenario:

Kill something with Ferocious Strike
Opponent sends out Stegodeus
DS Rampage for heavy damage
Opponent uses Thagomizer/Superiority Strike, G-Suchus loses about half health
G-Suchus uses Adrenaline Surge, cures speed loss and regains enough HP to survive the incoming AP Rampage
Use DS Rampage for the kill next turn


In a vacuum, having both, i prefer gorgo.

That said, i prefer tryo to them so i recommend fusing that posti.


I run both, posti at level 15 and gorgo at 14


Ive got both… posty at level 19, gorgeous at level 21. Love postys Immunity and double defense shattering attacks but agree with @Souretsu … gorgeous will always end up killing something, armored or shielded .
At ferocious and double DS rampage, mine has attacked at close to 4000 (even more if you adrenaline surge + ferocious strike and then rampage)