Postimetrodon or Monolmetrodon?


most people will say Posti i am assuming as a lot of players prefer him over gorgo BUT as a trag killer is Mono any good?


Don’t use him or plan on making mono cause of coins, but he’s pretty useless. His attack stay is abysmal and the very minimal times I’ve faced him in the ruins he’s more of a speed bump. Save up for trystronix


Posti got totally better stats, also that move set.

Did you ever seen any dino in this game got 2 simple 1x strike?
That is Monolometro.:rofl:


On the other hand, Ludia may see just how bad the recent legendaries are and may buff them. I’m leveling Monolom just in case. I like his kit, just wish it hit harder.


I would like Monolometro defined like Gyarados in Pokemon, you work really hard on some weak things, and finally they become very strong.(Don’t need to be the best)

Monolometro is a fake legendary now, that strength is for rare.:thinking:
I actually save lots of Mono Gen2 & Dimetro Gen2 DNA, but won’t fuse anymore if it doesn’t got buffed.


I took advantage of the opportunity fo create mono and have spent many coins leveling him to a 21. He doesn’t pack a huge punch, but time and time again takes out stegocerotops and others because of his immunity, distracting impact and decent hp. I’m sure he will need to be retired eventually, but for now he has an earned spot on my team. I wish Posti L17 could survive longer. I have him too, but cringe a little when he is chosen to come out to play. It would be nice if Dimetrodon was more common where I am. Have fun!


I think Postimetrodon is better, but I am using Monolmetrodon because it is cheaper.
I don’t plan on using him however. As soon as I get my Indominus rex, he is out.


Actually the problem with Monolometrodon are his stats. The moves aren’t that bad, because with them he would be able to be good counter of Stegodeus or Tragodistis, but he isn’t. Why? 900 attack is so low. Tragodistis even outspeeds it. Even Monolo’s HP stat is decent, so it’s not that hard to defeat it.
Postimetrodon is way better… Unless it’s underleveled.
Monolometrodon is worse i EVERY stat compared to Postimetrodon.

  • HP: 4200 > 3930
  • Attack: 1000 > 900
  • Speed: 124 > 119

But in the fact Monolo may be better in some situations than Posti. Eg. Vs. Monomimus, cause of Nullyfing strike. But usually isn’t.


Very accurate, I spent the coins to make him bc I wanted another immune … I know he’s 16 and much of my team is 22, but I could tell his stats and moves were below the curve. He’s not worth it. If you desperately want to avoid stunners in the marshes bracket he cold serve you well, but otherwise pass on this legend


Mono sucks. I haven’t used it but even a level 26 didn’t deal much damage to me when I fought it. It’s not a threat at all.


Yeah mono is terrible, im really hoping they give him some love at some point but posti is superior to it on top of that even in the earlier arenas if your looking for a stegacera counter anklycodon will serve you better… and is much easier to make